On behalf of real estate developer Wereldhave, the client, EGM carried out a study for an apartment complex called The Shard. The striking design, which takes the shape of a splinter, forms part of a plan around one of the shopping centres of property investor Wereldhave. This study is a first exploration of the possibilities of constructing apartments in the middle and luxury segments on a special site with grand views of the water and park. Dynamic through orientation to the water Optimal lines of sight, views across the water and efficient use of the site have resulted in a striking building with a dynamic appearance. The complex contains various types of housing, with studio-like spaces and maisonettes on the upper floors. All living and outdoor spaces face south and overlook the water. The transparent south facade features generous, continuous terraces, which also provide shelter. The rear side of the apartment complex is more closed and fitted with panoramic strip windows that admit daylight while offering views from the other spaces. Maximum viewsThe car park is half-sunken below ground level. The apartments are ‘raised’ and the entrance, shared facilities and storage units are housed in a compact volume on the green roof of the car park. These interventions help to keep the space around the building open, maximizing the views of the water and park and limiting the building's footprint.  Wereldhave and EGMEGM has worked for many years for Wereldhave on various assignments, including a master plan for Ypenburg Business Park, the completion of various office complexes and company buildings, and renovation plans for various shopping centres.  In the changing property market, Wereldhave has over the decades always conducted careful research and studies to ensure that quality, price, sustainability and a unique experience are given proper consideration. This design study is an example of that.